Today, digital technology  are changing our visual culture and the networked aesthetics by shifting the media forms. Thus, it changes the way we interact with media in our daily life.

So starting from technology, technology is a great thing. Remember when images were first possible with a computer, those gorgeous, full-color images? And then after a few years, we got CD-quality sound. You could listen to sound on the computer. And then movies come out via DVD. And then the browser appeared. Text first, then images, CD-quality sound over the Net, then movies over the Internet. And then we have mobile phone that include text, images, audio and video.

In short, technology and Internet have changed our lifestyle. They are shaping our sensation (sense perception). They are shaping our sensorium relates to the world and the way the world affect us. In here, we can link it to the concept “affect”, which Massumi argues it refers to mind and body states that are inclusive of emotions, but extend beyond feelings, cognitions, and behaviors to describe general potentialities to move, and be moved in a particular manner ( Massumi 2002).  Digital aesthetics grab our attention and affect our ecology.

New media change the relationship between form and content. It is not about the content itself, it`s about the experience, the way we thinking the way we interact with it. Various media forms shift our ecologies of thinking and feeling. Different media make different kinds of sense. It shifts our sense of world and our sense of self. Content is the same, however, by using different forms of media, you may feel differently. Digital aesthetic blurs the boundaries of different media modality. Images, audio, video and Photoshop mix together to come out a new media art. In our life, we can use new media to digitize our story.

Here, it is a digital documentary that I created via an app Meipai)

From this video, we can see it combines images, video, sound and effects. It turn into a new way of making and engaging with documentary. It is very interesting and attractive. I can share this video on Facebook to show my life with friends. This is the digital aesthetic (documentary)  that has interactive engagement and sense making ( By using different effects, you can make different tone, mood and atmosphere)

It’s all about new media. It isn’t about old or new. It’s about something in between. You see it in all interesting art today, in everyday life today. How people combine those two together to make aesthetic is very interesting.




Massumi, Brian. 2002. Parables for the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Sensation. Durham, NC and London: Duke University Press.